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High Country News

The rise of Lisa Murkowski

Trial by fire

Saving baby Jo from the smoke

Hunting the Arctic’s disappearing treasures

Non-native goats in Utah’s La Sal Mountains

Alaska’s wildlife war

The toxic legacy of Exxon Valdez

Solace at the end of Homer Spit

Zen and the art of wildflower science

The desert gets a biocrust skin graft

Postcard from a livestock sperm bank

Tiny bits of plastic permeate our world

The protectors of British Columbia’s coast

The price of a national park fee hike

Farming in Alaska is increasingly possible

Down with the Glen Canyon Dam?

Could the lure of trails salvage Alaska’s economy?

‘Look for something white’

Have we underestimated the West’s super-floods?

How to shelter mountain streams in a changing world

Where private land meets public interest

Arctic off-shore drilling hits home in Barrow, Alaska

Canada’s mining boom spills into U.S. waters

A young mule stringer helps keep a dying profession alive

The prickly pear as California crop



The Secret Garden

Extraordinary Animals And The People Who Love Them

Potty Plant

Shot In The Dark

Cats vs. Dogs


Nomads Of The North

Parental Periscope


Past The Salt (editor)

The Saguaro Solution (editor)


A Protected Place (editor)

The Eider Keepers (editor)

Gorillas in Their Midst (editor)

Living with Giants (editor)

Subterranean Stronghold (editor)


My First 1,000 Miles on an E-Bike

Outdoor Poop Etiquette Is Changing

I Don’t Care if Your Toddler Climbs a Mountain

Hiking Trails Are More Crowded than Ever

America Needs More Campsites

How to Get an Entire State Hooked on Skiing

The Only “Gear” You Need to Stay Active While Pregnant

How to Take Your Baby on a River Trip

These Places Are Sacred Native American Sites—Not Playgrounds


Stop Telling Women Not To Go Into The Backcountry Alone (Adventure Journal) 


First Nations Fight To Protect Rare Spirit Bear (National Geographic)

2,000 Year Old Tattoo Needle Identified By Archaeologists (National Geographic) 


Summer At National Parks Kicks Off With Long Lines and Crowded Trails (National Geographic)

The Grace of Manta Rays (Nautilus)

How A Hundred-Year-Old Compact Laid The Foundation For The West's Current Water Crisis (5280)


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